Monday, July 2, 2007

First steps.....

After some valuable advise from Audrey, Spiral, I am tempted to step into the bloggers world. Being quite naive of this world I am sure to stumble at times. However having an adventurous nature I can not help but be enticed to this media of communications.

Where to start seems to be most difficult, just as any adventure, once the first step taken the others follow. So will start with some of the adventures that have lead to being here.

The first being a journey through a time of mental illness, depression. When at times, there seemed to be no future only eternal darkness. When life seemed to halt in its tracks. Unfortunately Depression is a far too often, occuring illness in our society. More about this another time.

Having always had a talent and desire for Art I started painting the Depression inside me. Finding this cathartic the painting continued until there were enough for a solo exhibition.

The process of producing the works organising and living the exhibition was an enpowering life adventure. A year on from the exhibition and 3 years since the first diagnosis, Depression no longer controls my life. Some major life changes were made to better provide the balance needed to remain healthy. Again more another time.

If interested check out the article at The Learning Connexion site, scroll down to find the article. Transend to Freedom. July 2006.

The reaction of visitor to the gallery during the show, was often very emotional as they connected through personal experiences with the works. I was surprised how many of the works sold. Still some available.

This adventure part of the past and now embarking on various other life and Art adventures.