Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mountain Adventure #1

Finally the sun shone bright on the glistening slopes of Mt Taranaki after rain, high wind and even tornadoes swept the area. With only 2 days left of my holidays I was lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the sun and calm weather and head up the slopes.

Up the Razorback ridge I was delighted to encounter ice. Droplets of ice encasing grass stems and leaves. Reflecting the brilliant blue of the sky and white of the mountian, a photographers paradise. The breeze causing the ice to chime and sing like crystal glass. A very slow journey up the Razorback due to camera being hauled out and repacked on numerous occasions.
Once up above Tahurangi Lodge I continued up the slope amazed with the ice formations covering the slope. Breaking under the crampons and bouncing down the slope causing a delightful song of tinkling in the otherwise soundless air.

Up Razorback yet again and a little disappointed to find that due to the increase in temperature the ice sculptures missing from the vegetation at lower altitudes. However, a chance meeting with Kevin a fellow novice mountianeer, and we were on a mission up the slopes above the Lodge and traverse around toward Warwick Castle. With a little hesitation and discusssion concerning the level of avalance risk, we made our way across slopes and eventually down and back to the lodge for lunch. A fantastic day out. And just the beginning of the mountain adventures for 2007.