Saturday, August 11, 2007

Aussie ride January

So ...wet windy day here in Wellington, so have had the maps out to take a bit of a look at where I will go.

Had a big read on the net about Oodnadatta Track and all information leads to the conclusion that it will be just too hot that time of year. So maybe ... maybe not.

The map of Australia really gives little clue to the huge expanse of the place. But having driven by car from Sydney to Melbourne one day I am aware of the distances. So thinking rather than spending the entire time riding to cover huge distances, would prefer to take more time, photography, sketch, hike at times, make new friends on the way

Keen to visit the lovely little mountain town where I lived in 2002, Bright ( pink arrow). Possible route pink line.

Having lived in Victoria am aware of some very exciting gravel and dirt roads in the mountain areas. There is a myriad of tracks and roads through the forest in the mountains. Worth some time there to unload gear and have a play.

So not too worried exactly where I end up riding but want to keep these objectives.
  • Keep off main highways as much as possible
  • Keep on gravel, tracks or little used roads as much as possible
  • Visit national parks do some hiking
  • Do lots of photography, some sketching
  • Camp out as much as possible
  • Stay upright as much as possible
  • Find someone to ride with maybe
  • Ride alone

So many possibilities.......