Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bush walking adventure

Changed the oil on the BMW yesterday and gave it a good clean. So not wanting to get it covered in dirt today decided to work on my fitness and also sooth my soul with some quality time in nature.
Maps out and day pack ready headed for Rimutaka Forest Park.
Started out along the Orongorongo trail then took the more challenging trail straight up to the ridge top. Really nice climb, got a bit of a sweat up and got the old heart pumping. At the top of the ridge was fascinated by a very strange humming, whirring sound. Thought maybe the aliens had landed but turned out to be some type of wind turbine. Did not get a good look at it due to the trees obscuring it.
Followed Cattle Ridge track down to meet back at the Orongorongo river and bridge. Very beautiful place and looking on the map some huts close by. Have to check them out another time.
Then a gentle walk back along the main trail.
All in all, a very nice pretty easy 5 hour walk.
Body exercised, mind calm and heart happy being close to nature and sharing in some of the fantastic secrets mother earth has to offer. Some nice photographic inspirations along the way.

Beautiful beech forest on the descent back to the main track.
Ferns and kidney leaf ferns seem to glow green in the warm sunshine

Some interesting type of wood moss or lichen growing on certain trees. They are actually the size of a finger nail or smaller. So wonderfully patterned and coloured.

Kereru with such beautiful coloured feathers. So fat and lazy he was happy to sit and pose for me while I photographed him.
I really love the way the feathers all overlap and fit together so well. So perfectly designed with such a appealing patterning and each individual feather a perfectly beautiful shape. Stunning creatures.