Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ngawihi and Cape Palliser

Deciding to take the bike to work on Friday I was to discover that I was long overdue for a bike fix. Would have been so easy to just ride on by my place of work and continue up over the Rimutaka road. Alas that was not to be on Friday.
However come Saturday and that is just what was on the agenda!
Perfect spring morning, no wind, lots of sun and so very mild. Up and out early to ensure a nice clear run over the Rimutaka hill. Awesome fun, and have regained confidence with my tyres holding, after the slip in the wet afew weeks ago.
Bypassed the coffee crowd at Martinborough and headed for Ngawihi. Been here once before and yet was just as taken by the brilliant blue sea, rugged coast and quaint cottages. Again the thought of bringing camping gear and making a weekend of it out here crossed my mind.
Sealed road becomes gravel and a strange pungent smell wafts in to the helmet, strangely familiar but unidentified until I see them............fat bodies, laying like early summer sunbathers, soaking up the warmth ......seals! A seal colony lives on the rocks out toward Cape Palliser.
So once out at the Cape had to climb the 250 steps up to the lighthouse and enjoy the views.

Looking back toward Ngawihi and the gravel road in to Cape Palliser
Looking South to the car park and farm track further around the Cape. Apparently there is a Maori historic site further around there. Do not know any details
Gus the BMW in front of the 250 steps leading to the lighthouse.
Seal colony sunning them selves in the warm spring grass. Ahhh aren't they cute!
Just after the ford with quite fast flowing water. Awesome sculptured rock formations along this coast.
Ngawihi has a substantial collection of bulldozers, to tow the boat trailers loading and unloading boats. A large range of bulldozers from the very little to the enormous. However the following really took my fancy. Babe, Twinky Winky and Kermit, delightful!

A very dramatic coastline.