Sunday, September 23, 2007

Old Boys and their Old Bikes

Actually when I look at it there is a bit of motorcycling in my family blood. I have an uncle who raced dirt track years ago before he has a life changing crash. My cousin has a road style BMW. Both my brothers used to race motorcross when they were young. Both of them sustaining various injuries from their racing and motorcycling adventures. It runs in the family!

My eldest brother has a couple of bikes, one being the big brother bike to my little 650. Another of his bikes is this Yamaha, 1980 something, motorcross bike. He has rebuilt it over the years from a pile of junk that he picked up cheap.

So today off to the Vintage Motorcross race meeting at Waitotara, South Taranaki. Quite funny really lots of older 40+ year old guys and their old 20+ or 30+ year old bikes.

Making the most of the late coming Southerly change I rode the two or so hours to the meeting.

Ready to go.

And they are off!

Started out pretty good and kept up with the field, well maybe the mid to tail end of the field for the first half of the first lap. Then apparently it all turned to custard due to the old Yamaha quiting in mid race. Pushed back to the car and the boys having a look to see what is causing the engine failure. Its back to the workshop to sort out the problem. Look forward to next race meeting.

A couple of random bikes racing that caught my eye.
This old 1970 BSA was definitely my pick of the bunch today. It has the coolest shape, nicest paint job and sounded the best with a big masculine roar. But to top it off, it smelt the best too!