Sunday, September 9, 2007

Spring hiking

Such a beautiful time of year. Hiking through the bush I spy these wonderful tree fronds, the inspiration for the Koru in Maori and New Zealand art.

Up the Tararua Ranges and through some very damp dense forest. Still very cold with patches of snow on the ground. Such a wonderful place for soothing the mind and breathing the love of life.
After quite a climb through the bush, I emerge onto the ridge that leads up to Alpha Hut. No longer sheltered by the cover of the forest, the cold westerly rips at my hair and pushes me, testing my balance as I make my way along the ridge top. The view down to the Wairarapa to the West is fantastic. I can almost see those gravel roads I motorcycling on from here.
Looking ahead the ridge disappeared in thick cloud which I suspect is concealing snow showers.

It may be Spring but still feeling very wintry up on the Tararua ridges.