Monday, October 29, 2007

Taranaki and Moon

Moon seems to have a very strong effect on my moods.
It seems in our daily lives little respect or appreciation to the rhythms and flow of nature is given, yet so vulnerable and influenced we are by the seasons and cyclic patterns.

As I have injured my 'good knee' as opposed to my already scarred and slightly wobbly motorcycle crash knee, I am pretty stir crazy at not being able to get up the mountains or out on the motorcycle.

So looking back to the last time in Taranaki. My very fit and sprightly mum and I headed up to Pouakai hut. Managed to miss the rain and shelter from most of the strong winds but unable to get much view from the top of the ranges. However some lovely gnarly old trees on the way.

All smiles, we leave the car park.
Mum getting slightly frustrated with my constant photographing I think.
Weathered and tortured by the elements, these hardy trees grow despite it all.

Down to the sea to see what I can see.
Who needs a brand new aquarium built on a prime rock pool location in Wellington. One only has to spend time hunting around to discover all sorts of life in all sorts of colours, shapes and textures.

Run away star fish. I was totally surprised how fast these creatures can move when the mood takes them.
A whole new world, one that goes on continuously day and night each and every creature living its life in the way designed, just doing what they do, despite our interference in the world. But for how long will this be. So important it is to let these environs be in the natural state, as unaffected by human impact as possible.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

new paintings

Been working on this one for awhile now. Not really sure about it. But quite like the colours and shape of the Kokako. I want to show my love for our native birds and how being in their presence give my heart such a thrill.
Feel a strong passion for the awesome beauty of these special creatures and a sadness at the destruction of their habitate that has led to their numbers declining so dramatically.
Hoping that others will also feel the love and wonder from the paintings and maybe feel some empathy for them and have desire to help in their recovery.

Would be interested in any comments in this painting.

This still a work in progress but put it up here to see if I get any responce and input from viewers. Wanting to show the joy and passion of dance and movement of the female form. To me it represents flying in the sence of the spirit and soul flying high, living vibrantly and passionately. Pure delight.
Not sure where to go with it yet but just have the feeling it is still incomplete.

Comments ??

Sunday, October 7, 2007

mountain adventure #2

Storm clouds dispersed and Taranaki shone in his fresh snow covering. Seeing this after days of unfavourable weather, causes a quickening in heartbeat and excitement to get climbing. Early morning drive to North Egmont car park a bit of an adventure in itself without the benefits of a four wheel drive on ice. A bit of a slow crawl up the mountain road with the car sliding and spinning at times. Fresh snow down to the car park.

The usual wander up Razorback, this time snow deepening with altitude. Beautiful fresh snow with my footprints being the first, well first human as there was loads of evidence of possum, hare or rabbit and some birds going about their business, using the track as a thoroughfare.
Not such spectacular ice sculptures as I saw last visit. However the lovely ice drips from vegetation under banks caught my eye.
Having a problem, with insufficient light and no tripod I experiment using the flash, which normally I do not like to do. However interesting result.

Further up I find an overhanging cliff coated in icicles all glistening in the light and demanding my attention. Again no tripod, and no flash, just very sore and cold knees and elbows kneeling in the snow!
I find the contrasting tones and shapes intriguing.
Plant life providing a starter from which the icicle grows, also provides rich and vibrant colours, and interesting textures. Look closely here and find a lake shore with cloud or whiter mountains in background.

This wonderful fuzzy little plant totally encased in ice, protected.
All smiles at Tahurangi Lodge with the summit behind. Yet another day and Taranaki did not allow me to summit, due to very high winds. He will let me when the time is right.
Such a different environment to my last visit. The complete ice covered surface of the last visit, this time replaced with deep fresh powder in places, unstable wind blown grapple snow, and small patches of harder slightly icy parts.
Walking across one small face I notice slabs of snow breaking away and sliding off as I go. Interesting and maybe avalanche sign?
Another beautiful day on Taranaki, body, mind and spirit all refreshed and stimulated.

Monday, October 1, 2007

WOW world of wearable arts

Recently attended this show. A very slick and professional performance of art, dance and theatre. Will be there again in future! wow site video of this years performance

Some images from previous years

Jan and I with our lovely makeup artist.

Little friend Grace and a performer outside the venue. He was later to appear clinging to a tree lowered from the ceiling to the tune of Its Raining Men. Awesome number, especially when they all got their shirts off!