Sunday, October 14, 2007

new paintings

Been working on this one for awhile now. Not really sure about it. But quite like the colours and shape of the Kokako. I want to show my love for our native birds and how being in their presence give my heart such a thrill.
Feel a strong passion for the awesome beauty of these special creatures and a sadness at the destruction of their habitate that has led to their numbers declining so dramatically.
Hoping that others will also feel the love and wonder from the paintings and maybe feel some empathy for them and have desire to help in their recovery.

Would be interested in any comments in this painting.

This still a work in progress but put it up here to see if I get any responce and input from viewers. Wanting to show the joy and passion of dance and movement of the female form. To me it represents flying in the sence of the spirit and soul flying high, living vibrantly and passionately. Pure delight.
Not sure where to go with it yet but just have the feeling it is still incomplete.

Comments ??