Sunday, November 18, 2007

Memories of Dad and Wainuiomata south coast

Having recently picked up some of my dads orchids from his home, am very delighted to see one of them in flower.
Memories of my visits finding him in the shade house pottering with his beloved orchids. Among his possession, now with me are exercise books of information about individual plants and varieties, accompanied with numerous photographs.
Seeing this plant in flower gladdens me that I also share his passion for orchids, that I have inherited some of the qualities of my dad. Yet I have a huge amount to learn to be able to care for these precious plants adequately.

More I have to learn if I am ever to come near the marvels he created within his garden,
still I marvel at the apple tree he had grafted with several variety of fruit on the one original plant. He did the same with a pear tree. Must be fabulous at harvest time.

So with my special dear friends visiting from the Naki this weekend was an occasion for much celebration. Actually a little too much and the injured knee suffered as a consequence. Not too worry. So a gently trip to the beach was in order and time spent studying in detail the beauty nature has on display there.

The drying kelp such a delight of rich colours and textures.

The Hand intrigued me.
I feel I have been lacking a little lately in adventures due to the wobbly knee.
However just about 5 weeks til motorcycling Australia adventure, so time to recover before that. Not long actually.