Sunday, August 10, 2008

Painting with camera - new images

Adventures are a little few and far between presently due to weather and work. However have been able to escape to the mountains for acouple of little art adventures creating some nice images with my trusty Nikon.

Seems that I have the theme of water with these images,

( Double click to enlarge images)

Mt Ngaruahoe as a backdrop to stunningly shaped and coloured icicles formed beneath the Dome Shelter on Mt Ruapehu

A beautifully sculptured ice formation, smooth curves and delicate lines, recorded here twice with slightly different light angle. Such a delight to photograph. ( Even if my hands became so numb fingers lost feeling)

Small crevasses on Ruapehu slopes, lovely sharp contrasting colours and tones.

Softly hidden amongst morning mist on Ruapehu, towering peaks barely visible

Have been lucky enough to spend some time at Taupo with family and had some nice gently adventures on the mountain bike and hiking.

Beautiful flowing lines on a frozen puddle, discovered on mountain bike ride at Taupo.

Delicate Kowhai leaf frozen within the lovely flowing lines of the frozen puddle.
I investigated the 'terraces' at Wairaki near Taupo, where concrete terraces have been built now with water from the steam power station redirected to flow over these terraces. The heat causing colourful bacteria to grow.
Nice with a long exposure.
And a close shot
The Honeymooners Pool. I recall riding our ponies past all this thermal activity, on our way to Ponyclub when we lived at Wairakei.
Lovely play with light, steam and subtle colours

Lake Taupo in morning mist, a traditional and very often seen image of Taupo

Stream in the Tararuas. Arriving at a hut earlier than we expected when on a weekend hike, had some time to play with my camera. With no tripod was able to instead use a rock to steady the camera to obtain this long exposure image. I also was limited as trying to reduce the weight I carry, I had only the telephoto lens with me, so that is what was used!

One of my favorite shots of Huka Falls. I have tried several times to make a really nice image of the water tumbling down, using long exposure to give the impression of the powerful flow of water that roars through here.

Most have not been successful but this one I like

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